Human Resources Wall Replaces Humans

A local advertising agency has laid off its human resources employees and has installed an AI human resources computer surrogate as their replacement. The Artificial Intelligence Surrogate, or AIS ("Ace"), controls most of the company's payroll and employee complaints using voice recognition and email correspondence.

Many employees have come forward to complain that "HR" is nothing more than an arcade fortune teller that spits out tickets reminding you to check your email for further information.

Barry Duobomber has issued over twelve complaints, "I guarantee you this, if I were to drop dead right now, nobody- including that HR wall- would give rip."

Since the HR wall has been installed, Duobomber has received 61 complaints from enemy coworkers and is now in final probation. He has appealed the complaints but continues to slip swiftly toward termination.

"People here say I mean them harm", said Duobomber , "and ya know what? They may be right in the end. Those pieces of crap deserve to die". Duobomber later admitted he doesn't really mean it when he threatens his coworkers, and prays he doesn't get canned or he may do something awful.

J Leshnay - the Peel

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