Bread Bakery Sick and Tired of Screaming Sourdough Fanatic, Files Restraining Order
San Fransisco, CA

Knead Sourdough?, LLC of San Francisco has filed a restraining order against Jimmy Mancuso of Newark NJ claiming he has made numerous threatening phone calls to the famous San Franciscan bakery.

Knead Sourdough? owner David Spunksucker is frustrated, "When Mancuso calls it's either a profanity-riddled tirade looking for his bread where he is questioning my sexual orientation and wishing us all to hell, or it's a praise-filled call to thank us for our delicious bread."

"This bakery has been in my family for four generations and we take our bread very serious around here," says the award-winning baker. "And to be accused of rubbing foreskins with other employees instead of baking his bread has reached its end in my book."

Bakery employee Thad Kruck describes some of the language used during Mancuso’s rants. "He told me he had placed an order for two loaves of bread and hadn't received them and that his patience was gone", said Kruck.

"He screamed at me to stop playing with myself and just bake his fucking bread. And, what the hell was taking so long to throw a couple of loaves in the oven and that the only other thing we must be doing is sitting around in a steam bath fornicating with one another."

Kruck, who has since quit because of the constant abuse is happy he left.

"To be accused of things like 'fingering' my boss all day, screwing my own fist and defecating on glass plates for my assistants was not what I had in mind when I took the job last year after I finished bakery school."

Klaus Fritz - the Peel


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