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Arsonist Sues Displaced Neighbors Whose House He Burned to the Ground

Demetre Jackson admitted to burning his neighbor's house to the ground this September, was released due to a Miranda technicality, and was recently victorious in a lawsuit against the owners of the very home he burned.

Jackson walked out Tadmoore County courthouse on Friday smiling for a good reason. Judge Tom Dahl favored him in a cash settlement of $34,500 for damages to his home's exterior during the 2 hour blaze of his neighbor's property.

On September 22nd, Demetre Jackson set fire to the home belonging to Gary Filmore, his neighbor. Jackson has repeatedly said he has nothing against Filmore - he just enjoys starting large fires and happened to have a considerable quantity of gasoline on-hand that day.

"I just want what's fair," says Jackson.

Even though Jackson's home was 32 feet from the Filmore residence, the vinyl siding on his home melted from the intense heat of the inferno.

Gary and Paula Filmore are both in critical condition at Tadmoore Children's Hospital Burn Unit. Unfortunately, Filmore did not carry health or homeowners insurance and has not returned any of our phone calls.

Jackson worries he may never see that money,"I realize those people are hurtin', but I got bills to pay. Jesus, nobody seems to give a sh-t about my situation in this mess."

Jackson is very angry and claims has has no time for all this. He has also vowed revenge on the Filmores if they do not remit payment within sixty days.

Jonah Leshnay - the Peel


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