Knockout Game contestants want refunds, clarification on game rules

Minneapolis, MN

"I saw a blast of light and woke up three days later with a halo brace and hanging upside down in traction".

Philip Croton was "knocked the fuck out", according to another player of this "awesome" game being played by young teenagers across America.

"See, nobody give no two mutherfucks about no cracker trailer trash honkey piece of trash! I'll shatta yo jaw! nome sayin?!".

Thom was walking back from yoga class when he was sucker-punched and knocked unconscious while a mob of 8 youths stomped on his head for another minute and a half. Video on the internet shows Croton, a participant in the game, getting hammered by the mob.

"They're all talking about this game craze so I was excited to play", said Croton." Except I didn't know the rules. I guess you can just walk up to anyone and knock them out when they're not expecting it, like an old lady - or whatever. Many of the inner city kids enjoy it. My teeth are all gone and I'm blind in one eye, but I am happy we are making a difference in these youngsters' lives."


Jonah Leshnay - the Peel

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Two players participating in a game of "Knockout".