Super Bowl Shooter Uses Up Bullets During Road Rage Bouts Saving Hundreds of Lives

A Walt Lake man is in custody for plotting to assault a crowd of Super Bowl fans with huge battery of acquired ammunition yesterday, but instead ran out of bullets on the way to the stadium due to his own road rage.

Steve Hempfiller confessed to a plot in which he planned to kill as many people as possible during this years Super Bowl. and admitted he had car full a weapons and ammunition ready to be used, but said, "I kept getting stuck in traffic, and lost my cool one too many times- there's too many idiots!"

Hempfiller loaded his guns while stuck in traffic, and in one case fired an entire magazine of rounds into the air in an effort to get traffic moving again. The report noted another incident where Hempfiller punched his steering wheel while hanging his weapon out the window discharging rounds into storefront windows.

Hempfiller used all his bullets prior to arriving at the stadium and was ultimately arrested when an officer noticed him itching his forehead with the barrel of his assault weapon.


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