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Violent Eruption at Annual Potluck Lands Three Coworkers in the Hospital

Three Towers Plaza, Mpls MN

Three people have been severely injured during an annual potluck luncheon in suburban Minneapolis.

What began as an organized potluck lunch on Friday turned wickedly violent as personal insults began to fly during the final moments of the event.

One participant, Cynthia Bumquist, was arrested after bludgeoning a coworker in the head with a toaster oven, which was still plugged in and in the process of cooking 2 dozen pig-in-a-blanket treats.

"You tell that bitch Kara she's a dead woman!", gargled Bumquist as she was dragged on her heels past the front desk of the office building while police gripped her in a head lock.

According to reports, Kara Primmer, a first year-employee of the company did not initially serve herself a portion of Bumquist's potato salad. This, according to onlookers, made Bumquist noticeably agitated.

Unofficial reports have indicated that Bumquist has had outbursts at office potlucks in the past but never of this magnitude. According to police, Bumquist was unable to control her anger and began scanning the area for an object to assault Ms. Primmer with, finally locking the toaster oven in her sights.

Darrell Forsthin and Judy Bobbins were knocked unconscious after Bumquist landed multiple punches on both of them while attempting to stop her raging attack. Bumquist was finally taken down after a temporary employee, on his first day, connected with a round kick to her mouth.

Tom Wipe, the temporary employee who knocked Bumquist unconscious, is expected to be terminated today.

Jonah Leshnay - the Peel

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