Mind Therapy Tip: Punch the Sky
Joshua Tree, CA

Countless studies and medications for depression and other anxiety disorders come up short for many victims of stress. However psychiatrist Wiley Halvchubb tells each and every patient, regardless of their diagnosis, to just 'punch the sky' when feelings of anger set in.

"Sometimes a full minute of swipes at the heavens is all that's needed," says Dr. Halvchubb. "I tell my patients to reject those icky feelings of embarrassment and punch the sky until it hurts, until you feel your arms coming out of their sockets, even."

While most patients of Halvchubb's clamor for prescription medications like Vicodin or Dilaudid, he insists it's his duty to do what he knows works. Acute Psychosis sufferer Aaron Quellior agrees, "I am a sick person inches from committing a random violent attack. Instead of wailing on some innocent bystander like I used to do all day every day, now I just stand up and punch the air with a snarl until I feel like I've made my point."

"It doesn't take much to get me boiling pissed," says Guy Joalson a local insurance agent who uses the Punch-the-Sky technique. "If a stranger asks me a question, that's enough to tip the scales way off balance. If I waste even five seconds of my free time on some POS, they'll most likely see the fists. But, instead of using my fists on their face and groin, I now have a better solution."


Jonah Leshnay - the Peel

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